My Dad was on Guadalcanal in 1945 and took this photograph of the wrecked Japanese freighter the Kyusyu Maru.

The Kyusyu Maru (disp 8,666 ton;  length 467 ft.;  width 62 ft.) was a twin screw diesel powered cargo vessel built in 1937 by Mitsubishi for Harada Kisen.  She was requisitioned by the Japanese military for their war effort.

On 15 October 1942, while attempting to land supplies for the Japanese on Guadalcanal, the Kyusyu Maru was attacked and fatally damaged by US planes. The crew ran the vessel aground in an attempt to save the cargo.

Now lying about 18 kilometres west of Honiara, the Kyusyu Maru is a popular spot for scuba diving.

(Thanks to Michael McFadyen for the ship's history)

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