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LST 173 The U.S.S. LST 173 fought in the European theater of operations.
LST 282 Tom Aubut's LST 282 Page.  The 282 fought in the European theater and was sunk by a German glide bomb.
LST 454
LST 481 Detailed written history of LST 481, a Pacific theater ship.  Written by John Dougherty.
LST 519 USS Calhoun County,  A European theater ship.
LST 793 Another Pacific Theater Coast Guard LST
LST 832 "The Mad Hooligan" Another Pacific theater, Coast Guard manned LST.
LST 914 LST 914 served in both theaters.
LST 996
LST 1122 Pacific Theater ship
LST 1177 A post-WWII LST

Other Related Links

Coast Guard Manned Ships in WWII The USCG Website gives this short history of the Coast Guard's role in manning ships during WWII.
Fred's Place
The Higgins Memorial Project Information on Higgins boats (LCVP's) and the Higgins boat project.
LCT'S A site devoted to WWII LCT's.
LCT 614
Britannica Online Layout of a WWII LCT
Development of the LST Article from DANFS describing the development of LST's.

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