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The LST 794 was a Landing Ship Tank, crewed by U.S. Coast Guard personnel, that sailed and fought in the Pacific Theater during the last year of World War II.  LST's are large amphibious ships that can cross oceans and then run right up on the beach to deploy troops, equipment, and supplies.

The '794 was manned by the same crew from the time she was commissioned in November of 1944 until she was decommissioned in 1946.  This site chronicles the story of the LST 794 and her crew in photographs, stories, and log entries.

Still wondering what an LST is ?  Below is "Ode to an LST," by an unknown author, copied from the LST 794's 1945 Christmas dinner menu.  They were on the way home, enroute to Guam, at the time.

LST Poem

If you are a crewmember of the '794 or of LCT 1392, or a relative, please contact me!

Your photos and stories will make this site much more interesting (check out George Gross's great sea stories!).  If you know the stories behind any of the photos on this site, they really add life to the pictures (See the Wreck of the Kyusyu Maru).  I'm also adding links to LST and other related sites, so send 'em along . . .

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Why did I create this site?

I put together this website for others who might be interested in life on a ship in the Pacific during WWII.
The site is dedicated to my Dad, William Stewart MacMinn (that's him to the right), who served in the Coast Guard (1942 - 1946). Dad was a machinist's mate on the '794. He was part of the "Black Gang" that kept all the machinery running on board the ship.
I recently became interested in my Dad's wartime experiences, and have been looking through his old photographs and finding information on the web.  Along the way, I located some of his crewmates from the '794 who have shared more information with me - that's how the site got started.

William Stewart MacMinn

Note: LST 794 is now featured in the U.S. Naval Surface Warship Photo Archives' new Amphibious Ships Section.

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