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Name: W. D. Franklin
Date: 2000-10-19
From: Texas City, Texas
Comments: A great job, good tribute to your fatherand I hope to meet you someday.

Name: Nick Zades
Date: 2000-10-09
Crewmember? Related (Son) of Nicholas D. Zades
From: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Comments: This is a great web site and a fine tribute to the guys that did so much for their country. My dad never saw this page but I know he would love it and always had fond memories of the crew he served with.

Date: 2000-10-07
Crewmember? NO
From: REEDLEY, CA (PHILA-1943)
Comments: Thank you for the "LAUNCH" sequence. I served on LCT 1019 (ETO) & LCT 647 (PTO) and remember the launch clearly. I brought back good memories, thanks again, Harry

Name: John Nida
Date: 2000-09-24
Crewmember? No LST 1090
From: Helendale, CA.
Comments: Very nice site and I like your format.Please visit me at http://www.geocities.com/2-speed

Name: Jack Read
Date: 2000-09-16
Crewmember? no
From: Dubois, Pa (ww2/brooklyn, ny)
Comments: wonderful gesture in memory of your dad--i was on 83"s and a sc in ww2--was at normandy with the cg resflo 1 group--god bless and "semper paratus"

Name: Lou Iacona
Date: 2000-08-22
Crewmember? LST597 EM1
From: Pittsford NY
Comments: Evensville shipyard.Pacific theater of operations.New Guinea and the Philipines. Entered Oct.1943 to May 1946.Having our reunion Oct.17,18,19 2000.

Name: Terry L Whitney
Date: 2000-08-14
Crewmember? No
From: Pocatello Idaho
Comments: Fascinated by historical photos and heritage that we owe so much.Oldest son is graduate United States Merchant Marine Academy. 98" and I am U.S. Army veteran/Vietnam era:Keep up the good work.

Name: Paul
Date: 2000-08-09
Crewmember? Crew of LCT 795, South Pasific
From: Ohio now Penna then
Comments: Thanks for keeping the memory of amphibians

Name: William A. Wrase
Date: 2000-08-09
Crewmember? No
From: Muskegon, Mi
Comments: Liked your Web Page. Wew are restoring LST 393 here in Muskegon. Need info on paint colors for interior- Officer"s quarters, passageways, etc. Don"t have original specs.

Name: Roger S. Linson, PSC, USCGR
Date: 2000-07-30
Crewmember? No
From: Missouri
Comments: I was in the Navy 60-64 and the CG Reserve 78-present. We need more websites where military history can be recorded by those who actually made it happen.

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