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Name: Norman F. Gracy Jr.
Date: 2009-09-04
Crewmember? N.F.G. Sr was my late Father
From: Norfolk,Va.
Comments: My dad entered the Coast Guard in Norfolk VA. He went in as a Chief Machinist. I've heard lots of stories about the LST 794 and his black gang. I didn't know this website existed. I'm a retired USAF Major living in two places, Bellingham MA and Leesburg FL.

Name: Norman F. Gracy Jr.
Date: 2009-08-09
Crewmember? Chief Gracy Sr.
From: FL & MA
Comments: Great Site! It's been a long time, but you reflect a lot at age 76. NFG

Name: Kevin Terwilliger
Date: 2009-07-11
From: New Jersey
Comments: Great site. My father (Robert Terwilliger MMoM1) served on LST-612 and I enjoy all LST web sites and reading all those stories. We will not forget your service, Thank you all.

Name: Kyle Nappi
Date: 2008-06-19
Crewmember? No
From: Ostrander, OH

Name: Brian Kelley
Date: 2008-05-22
Crewmember? My Dad was on LST833
From: Cape Cod Mass
Comments: Thanks for taking the time to honor our veterans ands families. My dad never talked alot about his service so it's good to see history preserved.

Name: Eugene B. Clark QMC3
Date: 2008-02-03
Crewmember? no
From: LCT418 &LST 1000
Comments: Would like to hear from veterans from the LCT 418

Name: Larry Makus
Date: 2008-01-30
Crewmember? son of Gilbert Makus
From: Moscow, ID
Comments: Always enjoy looking over stuff from my fathers military service.

Name: Leigh Ann Steen
Date: 2007-01-24
Crewmember? my father was a crew member
From: Teague, TX
Comments: My father was Marcus Holmes and was a signalman. He passed away 22 years ago. I really appreciate the website.

Name: Lori Musgrave
Date: 2007-01-23
Crewmember? my father was
From: Dade City, Florida
Comments: My father served on the LST 794, I believe as a mechanic, he died 2 years ago and I have been going through his things.
Thank you for this sight and the passion you have.

Name: Sandy
Date: 2007-01-23
Crewmember? Yes
From: Dunedin, Florida
Comments: My sister Lori Musgrave just signed on and I'm signing as well. Our father is George Carl Grothe,he had died Jan.16-05. We believe he was a Chief Machinist...Sandy Schaffner

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